Ceiling fans make a lasting impression on your home. They circulate air with an average power of 75 watts. Ceiling fan wattage use depends on the brand and size. A medium-sized ceiling fan uses an average of 31.1 watts of electricity, while a small fan uses a minimum of 10 watts. Your ceiling fan plays a major role in keeping you cool during the summer. You can adjust your thermostat to a lower setting when using your ceiling fan.

Power of Ceiling Fans

The main purpose of a ceiling fan is to keep you cool by circulating air. You can boost your comfort level by cracking a window because it will help the air circulate. Trending styles of ceiling fans come in different types of wood, and most have a brass trim. But beauty isn’t the only good thing about ceiling fans. You can save money and enjoy optimal comfort with them.

Reduced Energy Costs

Do you want to reduce your reliance on heating and cooling? Consider using your ceiling fan. You can reduce your energy use by using it as a supplement to heating and air conditioning. Ceiling fans are just as effective as air conditioning. They can reduce heat by as much as 8% while reducing your energy costs. You’ll not only save money but you’ll help reduce greenhouse emissions.

Excellent Lighting

Want to brighten up your home? Shed some light with a good ceiling fan. You can invest in one that uses multiple bulbs to add an extra burst of radiance for the darkest areas.

Less Noise Pollution

Air conditioners are excellent for keeping your home cool, but there’s one more problem: too much noise. Even with some modern systems, you can still hear the motor running. Ceiling fans are different in that there’s less noise pollution when they run. You can enjoy a good book or TV show without distractions.

Less Clutter

Since they rest high on your ceiling, ceiling fans take up a lot less space than traditional ones. They’re an excellent alternative to large floor fans and portable heaters because they create more space in your living space. Having one gives you more room to move around without the stress of clutter.

Consistent Breeze

Nothing beats a hot day like a consistent breeze from a ceiling fan. It boosts relaxation and promotes better sleep with a steady breeze. Your body’s temperature needs to drop a bit before bedtime to promote quality sleep.

Why Hire an Electrician to Install Your Ceiling Fan?

Now that you know the power of ceiling fans, let’s talk installation. You may feel tempted to try and install one on your own to save money. But DIY ceiling fan installation is tricky to install. Electrical wiring is intricate and complex, especially if you’re a novice. Let’s look at the reasons why you should hire an electrician for the job.


Like most home appliances, ceiling fans are difficult to install. There are a lot of intricate wires to work with, and you must know how to handle them. A professional electrician can connect each wire properly and ensure that they’re connected tightly. This saves you from making errors that could be costly. You’ll avoid the potential of electric shock or fire, plus you’ll save your home from extensive damage.

Good Installation

An electrician has all the equipment that’s needed for proper ceiling fan installation. This includes a ladder, some wire cutters, and a voltage tester. Your electrician will know how to cut the power off to your home before installation. They come with all the tools needed to run wires through, cut them as needed, and connect them firmly for safety.


Your electrician should perform a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system first. The inspection should include checking your wiring for safety. Any old or faulty wiring should be replaced before installing your new ceiling fan. A poorly installed ceiling fan has several risks. It can cause damage to your wiring, ceiling, and fan. A skilled electrician has the right tools and expertise to do the job right.

Call the Pros

Plugz Electric in Forest Lake, MN, provides a range of electrical services for your home. Our specialty includes ceiling fan repair and replacement. We can replace old, malfunctioning ceiling fans with a variety of new designs that suit your needs. Additionally, we offer services like EV charging stations, whole-home rewiring, panel replacement, and more. Contact Plugz Electric today to explore our ceiling fan installation and repair options.

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