Power surges pose a risk not only to your home but also to your family’s safety. Most people associate power surges with lightning. But did you know that 80% of all power surges result from electrical problems within the building? Indeed, storm-generated surges are common, but they are not the only reason you should protect your home. Power strips can only go so far. Numerous benefits make whole-home surge protectors a must-have for all homeowners.

1. Transient Surge Protection

The most common source of short surges is large appliances that frequently turn on and off, such as your heating or air conditioning system. A single surge may not cause severe destruction. However, the minor impacts add up as time goes on, decreasing the efficiency and shortening the lifespan of systems and appliances.

2. Prevent Damage to Electrical Appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, washers, and dryers have sensitive electrical components. Small surges can cause heat buildup, which destroys them. This leads to expensive repair or replacement services. A whole-house surge protector will ensure your appliances’ safety, optimal performance, and longevity.

3. Prevent Damage to Electronics

Modern homes have expensive electronic devices such as computers and TVs. These devices have circuit boards, and one voltage spike may cause irreparable damage. It can destroy or wipe data contained on personal devices. Whole-house surge protectors divert excess voltage away, keeping your devices safe.

4. Electrical Fire Hazard Prevention

Power surges cause overheating, sparks, electrical arcing, and fires in a building. A surge protector of approximately 40,000 amps will ensure high external voltages do not reach internal circuits. Damages from internal surges are also prevented. The most common sources of electrical fires are wiring problems, old electrical appliances, and faulty electric outlets. By using surge protectors, you can reduce the risk of these fire sources and enhance your safety.

5. Protection From Lightning Strikes

Whole-house surge protectors are installed at the house’s main electrical panel. In this location, they can intercept the excess electrical energy caused by lightning. They divert this energy from the home’s electrical system and provide a low-resistance path for the excess energy to move to the ground safely. Surge protectors also use voltage clamping technology to limit the voltage reaching the connected devices.

6. Peace of Mind

Knowing that all your electronic devices and appliances are safe from electrical damage may give you peace of mind. You are also free from managing and maintaining separate surge protectors for each appliance. Since these surge protectors contribute to the safety of your home, you will be confident you are safe from all kinds of power spikes, especially during storms or adverse weather conditions.

7. Cost Savings

There is an upfront investment cost for whole-house surge protectors. However, the long-term savings are significant. Surge protectors keep your electronic devices and appliances safe from power surge damage. By avoiding these damages, you will not incur repair or replacement costs. There is also no need to purchase and install individual surge protectors for each device.

Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums for homeowners who have installed whole-house surge protectors. This adds to long-term cost savings.

8. Easy Installation and Maintenance

The installation process is straightforward and can be done by an electrician during construction or electrical system upgrades. Whole-house surge protectors are compatible with various electrical systems. They are connected directly to the electrical panel, meaning there is no need to modify the existing wiring. Once installed, whole-house surge protectors require minimal maintenance as they operate automatically.

9. Lower Electric Bills

Sometimes, power surges lead to energy waste as the electrical devices struggle to cope with sudden voltage spikes. When the electric system draws in excess power, it may raise electric bills. Whole-house surge protectors contribute to a more stable and efficient operation of electrical equipment.

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